Mission Statement
    • Releasing The Past
    • Respecting Self and Others
    • Embracing The Present
    • Accepting A Bright and Successful Future

Our desire for every child and adult we provide counseling for is:

  1. Helping them to deal with and release the hold the past has on their lives.
  2. Working with each person about the need to respect themselves in order that they will be able to respect others, including authority figures.
  3. Helping each person embrace the present and live in it and believe that they can make a difference.  We want them to realize they are not victims but they can organize their lives and take charge of their destiny.
  4. All of the above has one specific goal: that each child and adult will develop the internal power to expect, accept and live in a bright and successful future. 

We are an outpatient, home-based mental health counseling agency.  All of our counselors are licensed by the state, have masters degrees, and have successfully completed a rigorous, 3000-hour supervision program.

Programs at Oasis Counseling Center provide individual, family and group centered services that will always meet or exceed the best-practice standards. Our goal in providing services of the highest quality is to improve life satisfaction for:

Ofrecemos a todos los miembros de la comunidad Hispana todos nuestros servicios en español para facilitar el mejoramiento de la familia latina viviendo in Oklahoma.

We accept Medicaid and SoonerCare insurance eligibility